NeoPixel Service Issues

I am trying to incorporate some color into my Inmoov so I started messing around with NeoPixels, I have a rwo of 10 LEDS wired up. When i use the arduino libraries to test the strip it works fine. But when I use the neopixel service and attatch the LEDs no matter what the first 2 LED light bright white and then nothing happens. If i change the anitmation then another LED will light white up to 4 LEDs then nothing happens after that. 


Any thoughts? 

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hi brotherbrown can you tell

hi brotherbrown

can you tell me what kind of arduino you using and connect on which pin? I will try to reproduce the problem

also what version on MRL are you using?

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Im using MRL 1737, MRL Comm

Im using MRL 1737, MRL Comm v.40, MEGA 2560 pin 7. Interstingly when i swap to pin D3 i get much better results. The colors and animations mostly work although still not perfect. I wonder if there is an issue with sending NeoPixal signal out pin D7.

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Pin  D3 and D7 are not on the

Pin  D3 and D7 are not on the same pin register in the arduino (PORTE and PORTH) so maybe there is a bug for the PORT on H code in the neopixel code, I will look for it.

The neopixel devices are not working well with the use of servo, or anything that use a lot of interrupts. If you are using it on a board that run many servo, you will see glitch in the animations. I suggest you to use it on a board that don't run servo for a better result


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i think there is some kind of

i think there is some kind of adressing issue with between the MRL and the ardiuno. Even on Pin D3 only leds 1-7 light and they act erratic. For example if i send a red =255 to led #7 then the third pixel will turn red. If i send red=255 to LED 10 then pixels 1 and 2 light up. I uploaded the log so you can see the array integers that MRL is sending. 

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I found a thread on the BB8 builders site where someone was talking about the adafruit neopixels are RGB but he was using RGBW that he got from amazon. I also have RGBW LEDs not RGB. I am wondering if the Neopixel service is not setup for these LEDs and that is what is cuasing the erratic behavior.