Is there somewhere I can change the Inmoov settings to support RGBW NeoPixel?


4 years 3 months ago


So, NeoPixel has a service in MyRobotLab.  Ultimately this service attaches to an Arduino and it lets you send commands from the Java service to the Arduino which sends a message over the serial port using MrlComm.  On the actual arduino itself, the NeoPixel is represented with the C++ class  here:…

And the Java service:…

Here's an example python script that you can use to test it out:


I don't know what the difference between RGB & RGBW is,  I didn't implement this part of the code so I'm less framiliar with it.  But hopefully this gives you a place to start looking.. also if you want to do any development there, I'd recommend switching to the "develop" branch of MyRobotLab!


Good luck & Hope this helps!