Near Fluid Movement

This has got to be one of the most fluid moving walking robots I have seen

Ahahahah .. holy crap ... if it was madonna I'd say she's a little stiff.. but for a robot .. she's got the moves !

Video says :

AIST has developed integrated software, "Choreonoid," to directly generate and edit the whole-body motion of a humanoid robot.

This software automatically and instantaneously converts a sequence of humanoid poses (key poses) input by the user to a dynamically stable movements, enabling a user without knowledge of robotics to generate various humanoid movements easily in a similar manner to the generation of a computer graphic character's motions. 

This technology is expected to contribute to the creation of new content industries using humanoid robots.

This dancing of "Cybernetic Human HRP-4C" produced by Masaru Ishikawa (Special Researcher, Information and Robot Technology Research Initiative, the University of Tokyo) and SAM (choreographer/dancer) and generated using Choreonoid, was demonstrated on October 16 and 17, 2010 at DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2010.

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2010 !!!! .. Where have I been ?!?!?
So basically - using key-frames + physics input = modified fluid movements ... very cool

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I want one HRP-4C !!

I want one HRP-4C !! laugh