Nano Neopixel issue

What is the max neopixel rings that I can run off the inmoov breakout boards ?  I belive it states 3. Just wondering how, since 1 per inmoov board on a full body.  How do you connect the third ?

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Hello,Each Nervo board has


Each Nervo board has by default 1 connection for 1 Neopixel.

The InMoov config has only 1 Neopixel per robot in MRL Manticore.

Now that being said, the Nervo board can use 3 RX-TX connections from the Arduino Mega.

Which gives a potential of 3 Neopixel per Nervo Board.

Because you need 2 Nervo Board to run a full InMoov robot, you could have 6 Neopixel running in total.

I have never tried and don't know if the Mega could supply enough Amps for 3 Nano Arduino.

See bellow for more connections with RX-TX.