MyRobotLab Startup - How to stop Chromium from starting


I'm looking for some guidance

I'm running MRL on a Raspberry Pi

I'm looking to see if it is possible to stop Chromium from loading when MRL starts up

How can this be done?





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Starting WebGui without a browser


To avoid the webgui to start at all, you can use startup parameters:

java -jar myrobotlab.jar -service log Log gui GUIService python Python

Here is an example where the WebGui service is started without the browser, then the browser is started showing two services in separate tabs.

If you want to use the browser from a separate host, like a PC or a phone, you can conenct using;


where <pi-ip-address> is the ip-address of the PI

That's the way I run Chrome in my PC so that I can use the PC microphone as speech input even when the MRL instance is running on the PI. 

I also recommend installing xrdp so that you easily can conect to the PI using Remote Desktop.

sudo apt-get install -y xrdp

Here is also a more detailed guide on how to do that:



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Thank you

Thanks Mats

The guidance on the startup parameters is just what I was looking for :)

I use VNC and also Putty for remote access  :) 

By the way, I did follow your guidance from an earlier post that you made to install xrdp


All is well :)