MyRobotLab services reference ...

Hello, is there, somewhere, a list of commands that can be used with the services ?

By exemple ,

        clock.pulseDataString = "test";

Perhaps, it's a beginer question, but i'm a beginer so i ask lol

I just discovered MyRobotLab two days ago, and started to learn Python yesterday . It's not a lot different than C++  smiley



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Hello and Welcome beetlejuice

Hello and Welcome beetlejuice !

The documentation is a bit fragmented at the moment.  But let me try to help.

The starting place should be the Service Matrix on the Download tab.  This represents the currently available services in MyRobotLab (mrl).  If you click on one it should take you to the "Service Page".

The intention of these pages are to describe a Service in a uniform way, and offer detailed information, including inputs, outputs, and example code snippets.

One of the challenges of documentation is keeping it in sync with the code for which it describes.  We have mitigated some of these issues by putting the Service page snippets into source control.  The Service pages pull directly from the source control, but we have not had time as yet to document all the services nor give meaningful examples.

The javadoc link on the service page sometimes points to relevant information.

I've noticed just recently that the formatting of the javadocs are not correct... (will fix it soon)

A new exciting method of documentation is beginning to take shape.
That is the WebGUI - this will be the new graphics user interface

This new service has the potential to display all methods for any Service. You can start by starting a WebGUI service (right click -> name it something).  Your default browser should start on a page with a list of currently running services.  

within these expandble blocks is a listing of every method a service has.  

You just need to click on the button in order to fire the method - methods which have input parameters are listed with text boxes.  I know without descriptions it's not very useful, however, it has potential because unlike the javadoc - these views are garranteed to be in sync - since the get their informations directly from the running system ;)

Ok, sorry for going on and on about this... but you did ask :D

So short answer, no there is not a really good list at the moment.  But, everyone at this site is very nice and would be glad to help with any question you might have.   One thing which would be helpful for both of us is if you have a concrete question of "what you want to do"  I know this is difficult  becaue you have no idea of "What MRL can do" ... but hey, it's software it can do anything (given enough time and energy)  ;D

Please ask more questions and we will gladly answer in more detail - and possibly fill in gaps in our documentation too !


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Thank you for this aswer

Thank you for this aswer smiley

I've found this :


EDIT : Oops, it's javaDoc cool

But less easy to use than Webgui i guess ...

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Webguy is exacly whas i was

Webguy is exacly what i was looking for .

Thx !


PS : Why Webguy and not Webgui  ?

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It is WebGUI ?Where did you

It is WebGUI ?

Where did you hear or see WebGUY ? :)

Who's the WebGUY ?  Are you WebGUY ?  This web guy ?

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Humm.. Forget that lol ! Ok,

Humm.. Forget that lol !

Ok, i'll tell you why i had webguy and not webgui : It's just because i made a mistake when i chose the name for the webgui object  cool

And don't laugh !

Interesting your link yes

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All Good ! And thanks for

All Good ! smiley

And thanks for uncovering the fact the javdocs were super ugly ...

Now they are super pretty... all we need is super content !  -

Or if you want to start by looking on top of the huge mountain - go here ...

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Very good job !! Thx a lot,

Very good job !!

Thx a lot, this will help a lot to learn how to use MRL .