myrobotlab release Nixie on Raspberry Pi 3b

Hi, yesterday I implemented Nixie 1.1 on my Raspberry and it looks more or less successful. The problem is that I do not know which functionalities I must see, cause I do not now what Manticore has. Please tell me...

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What are you trying to do / build?

Looks great, you've got Nixie installed.. up and running. So, now the question is.. what do you want to build , what do you want it to do?

Are you building an InMoov? Or some other robot?

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Hello Tricia279, There was

Hello Tricia279,
There was issues with this build, because it connected to the Agent process. This has been fixed, and I suggest getting the "latest"

In regards to InMoov & InMoov2 - these services need a re-design, for which I was hoping to get some help on.

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To make Nixie really run

Hi GroG,

what do you mean by re-design of the services ? Which kind of help you are looking for ?

Can you also give me more of the agent process and please look at my last post of today. Is it the same issue ?