MyRobotLab - How to setup Web Development




Java 8 -
Git -
Curl - Windows (Linux & MacOS probably already have it installed)


@Astro  & Gael - don't forget to go to dev/myrobotlab  and "git checkout webgui_work" so we'll be working on the same branch

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Excellent Tutorial!

Very nicely done Grog!  Tutorials that help developers get up and running are great!  I hope that over the coming weeks, we can put together more MRL content!

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Hello Grog,Thank you for

Hello Grog,

Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial!

So I have followed it and all is working properly until the fact that the sub directories under "app" stay grayed.

I can open them and edit the files, but any change I make on them don't get pushed. Even a F5 or refresh of the browser doesn't help.

If I want to save the edited file I need to manually travel the path to dev and save it.

I suspect there is a permission issue on github files? Or maybe I need to load somekind of a password?


It also seems to me it is not installing the latest InMoov2 zip.

Because there is some "not yet translated" issues when trying to set languages and brain on the InMoov2Gui, which normally shouldn't happen. Or there is a problem of confusion between directories being used.

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This is great. I was already

This is great. I was already working that way following your instructions. This video makes things a lot easier, it should be in the tutorial part of the intro for future collaborators :)

@Gael. Edition works perfect for me, following the video.
I also see errors, it recognizes me, but it doesn't respond to me.

[i01.brain] ERROR c.myrobotlab.framework.Service - i01.brain error ERROR: Core not loaded, please load core before chatting.

I keep on reshaping ServoGui.html. Fighting with boostrap and learning new things. Day and night, even if you do not see me here in the chat, I am completely dedicated to this, so very soon you will have news.

I notice some strange behaviors in the sliders, in some parts like the torso the limits work well, but in the fingers sometimes the limits are reset when moving the position.

It also shows very slow when the developers panel is open.
I had done it and it worked perfect before bringing the inMoov2 like in this tutorial, now when I see the servo slider it works terribly slow.

I need to shrink things a bit, because now I see them very large with the InMoov interface.



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Hello, One thing that might


One thing that might explain the reason we get those "not yet translated" and "[i01.brain] ERROR c.myrobotlab.framework.Service - i01.brain error ERROR: Core not loaded, please load core before chatting."

Is because for a reason I don't understand, the src directory is partially empty regarding InMoov2.

You can see here that none of the files are present, the en-US is empty. But many other directories are empty as well. Is that normal?


I am still unable to save the files with dev. This is now getting frustrating.

I want to make the robot do things, simply with buttons. And I would like others to be able to do the same.

It drives me nuts when i am trying to fix what should be fixed because there is something else that should be fixed if this is not fixed before, specially if the other thing you try to fix has an issue that should be fixed also..

Sorry about that, this is one of those moments of confinement when you wonder if this is all really worth it, some of my relatives passed away. I am not allowed to go to their funerals...

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I'm sincerely sorry for your

I'm sincerely sorry for your loss Gael.  It has been a very difficult time.  Hopefully, we come out of it closer and more appreciative to the life we currently have been granted.

The video tutorial was primarily to do with web ui stuff, not necessarily InMoov2.  There are lot of "challenges" in making it easy for others to work.  There is lots of complexity to make things both modular and easy to work with.  The tutorial and recent changes are for WebGui easy development,  I did not test all things InMoov/InMoov2. I was focussing on the Intro service, because I believe that is were the future of "starting" is .. including InMoov2.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I can fix InMoov2 to be worky again quickly taking the same steps in the video.  I think the InMoov2 UI might be worky already in the context of the video.  So if you want to edit the display of InMoov2, I'm "hoping" it works by modifying the files in the InMoov2 repo. 

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Gael, sorry for your

Gael, sorry for your loss.

The situation is difficult as the pandemic is growing, it ends up touching us all closely.

I just found out that my sister has been with 38 degrees fever and cough for 2 days, and they admitted her to the clinic with all the protocol, she is isolated and nobody can see her. We have to wait for the test result because she is 32 years old but she is asthmatic. It's weird because since the March 19 quarantine, she hardly goes out and works from home. She has not been in contact with anyone.

Hopefully this will all happen soon, but the result will continue to be a tragedy for the entire world.


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sorry to hear

It's been a very difficult time,  I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  I'm hopeful that things will get better.

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@Astro, WOOHOO !    Ya, as



Ya, as Gael pointed out InMoov2 is not currently working with all this. (I'm working on it...)

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@Grog I thought that I had


I thought that I had already learned the tutorial.
I wanted to push the changes fast and when it was over I realize, I was in develop.
I forgot
to change the branch.

When i could change branch, just in case I made a backup (thank goodness). When changing it said I had to do a stash and stuff.... I changed branch, status, ok, I did a pull and with the status it told me already up to date, when nothing had uploaded yet. mmmm..

Then confirm that I had lost everything.
I copied the backup files again but it told me that there were no changes and when doing status it told me something about the stash, Google... I looked for put stash drop, blah blah.
Without understanding anything, ha ha.

But in the end I was able to upload the changes to webgui_work.

If I add an Arduino service "left" the servos work.

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Just what i was needing.

Just what i was needing. Thank you.

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The bat quits running for me when it reaches a certain point.   Seems to be the final line in the file. I ran it twice.


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This is what caused the

This is what caused the problem..... it doesnt like my browser.


[AWT-EventQueue-0] WARN - attempted to start browser - but desktop or browser not supported

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I would be curious if just

I would be curious if just going to 

http://localhost:8888  works ?

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Starting with java -jar

Starting with java -jar myrobotlab.jar  and booting it up, then starting the services, works going to localhost:8888 for me.

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