Myo Refactored

MyoThalmic Service

Alessandruino has been making progress on the Myo.  He cleverly decided to hook up the Myo through bluetooth to attach to his Android phone.  

This turns his phone into a Wifi router and sends the Myo data across the intertoobs to a running MRL instance.  He was having some troubles sending the data successfully.  We want fast & stable !

I was starting to help and decided to see if I could refactor the service a little.

It took me a while to figure out why my Myo was not sending out data (I forgot to plug in my BT dongle - duh). 

This is a list of things I did :

  • removed the source code from com.thalmic out of myrobotlab - we just need the jar & the jar is more recent than the source checked in
  • with the jar there were some new read functions available - battery level was one
  • I decided to add the locked state to the webgui & the battery level

Overall I'm very impressed with the Myo's Position Sensors - the pitch roll yaw seem very accurate.  The Emg data (muscle) I have had more difficulty.

Also, I did not get this to run, unless I manually extracted the myo64.dll is that you have to do Alessandro ?

If so - we should extract them all and put them in the ivy.xml file so they go into the native directory - for one-click worky


Loading Alessandro's project - I didn't have Android-18 ?  Wonder what I did have :P
Android-18 is that Tootsie Roll, or Jelly Donut ? :P
Failed to target Google Inc. Glass SDK ???  Huh ?

SDK will take a long time to download all the many parts .....  

I guess Alessandro chose to support Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) & Android 4.3 (JellyBean) - .. uh ok .. my phone is a marshmallow

 time for bed Zzzzzz

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Alessandruino's picture

Whooo hoo! Cool! Where did

Whooo hoo! Cool! Where did you get the jar? Packed it by yourself? How?

I think this will get the hooking to android easier!