My One Servo Robot Hand

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Neat hand Adolph, I'm

Neat hand Adolph, I'm guessing you are going to have just 1 or 2 servos drive it?

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My hand is working with

My hand is working with elastic bands on top and strings on botem. the hand stay open and if command recieved from Arduino it close as you like. 

Yust one Servo in hand and the normal standard in wrist.



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Slight Of Hand

Very clever design Adolph. It shows your desire to achieve your goal. Make do with what is available

and see your dream come to life.

Thanks for sharing with us all. 

Dwayne Dwilli9013

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nice hand

nice hand aldolph do you think print it?


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(No subject)

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Wow impressive amby !   Looks

Wow impressive amby !   Looks great !

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i haven't a 3d printer lol

i haven't a 3d printer lol but i have idea lol