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Ciao Adolph, I'm glad you

Ciao Adolph,

I'm glad you posted pictures ...

Very cool .. sorry about the burglary ..  I see you have decided to go a very different way with the joints & servos.  I suspect the torque on the shoulders will be very high, but maybe you have titanium gears ? Or maybe your arms are very light.

Regardless, its always interesting to see InMoov hybrids - the MRL service would need to be adjust, but I don't think that would be very difficult.

Cool stuff.. :)

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Hi Adolph, Nice to meet

Hi Adolph,

Nice to meet another InMoov that also suffered from fall injuries, but sorry to know it was done burglars.

As I told you on the shout box, servos mounted directly need an incredible torque to lift a arm. The servos you've used can have a torque of 15kg at 1cm from center axle. I have no idea how this can be calculated because I do all this by guessing, but every cm away from the center point reduces the amount of torque (by 2x ?) Imagine how many centimeters you have from the finger tip to the servo that holds the arm. I really hope it works, considering all the time you have spent.

You can always use these reduce brackets with your servos in case it doesn't work like you expected.

Let us know how this goes!!

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It is yust a tri. If it

It is yust a tri. If it doesnt work, back to drawing bord. I like to play. Play cost money but in the end sometimes it work. Must see my Robot eyes. wil post.


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My Inmoov eye

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Adolph your eyes for your robot are amazing. How did you accomplish the realistic look?

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I played with Airbrush. Inmoov Camera eye

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Control Board

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hi adolph have you a website

hi adolph have you a website or blog when we can see more pictures about your robot? have you video work with your arm

thank you