My First Cortex Experience : Cap of Coca-Cola ...whoooo hooo

Here is my first Cortex Experience... Open Cv was searching for foreground, then i've introduced a cap of Coke...Then the image was stable for 3 seconds and the picture was sent to Cortex.

The Picture is wrongly saved in Background instead of foreground-object but it is a Bug mentioned by GroG in his Cortex service Page and it will be fixed soon.

You can see also the red square bug.

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Fantastic progress, I need to

Fantastic progress, I need to try that!

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WooHoo !

Thanks Alessandruino !   It's nice to end a day on a Worky instead of a No-Worky !  

You got a better camera than I do !  :D

I wonder if your still awake with all that Coca-Cola ?

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Could i notice a bug? When i

Could i notice a bug? When i click on the image stored in cortex MRL freezees..maybe for the 640x480 resolution of the pic while opencv and processor Are still running?

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A Bug ? Impossible !

Hmmm... I couldn't get it to freeze.. the No-Worky button is frozen of course, but if you could email me the myrobotlab.log ..

I learned how to focus the $6 camera .. you got to turn the lens (Duh) .. also fixed the foreground/background location thingy...