My Activator project


You can see my project here :

For the moment, Activator arduino software is based on MrlComm version 40. I modify MrlComm.cpp and .h

My aim with the futur version is not modify all files, just make the ino file.

Activator has 2 modes, stand alone and run mode with MyRobotLab. In stand alone mode, Activator process sleep, presence sensor and control relay power for InMoov.

You can see on my schematics, all functionnalities.

(sorry for my bad english)


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Hi dom ! Nothing related the

Hi dom !

Nothing related the post, can you make a new repo in your github account if possible :

or here if you want to share your work, you have now a folder in your name

Better for you, it will be cleaner ( and safer if I delete my github account :)


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OK no problem. Thanks, Dom

OK no problem.


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@Anthony: Il me manque

@Anthony: Il me manque l'autorisation pour le transfert sur le github pyrobotlab.


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Have you tried to do a pull

Have you tried to do a pull request  ? It may worky

You can try this too to start, just to see if it work ( new file, from script librarie ) :

You can ask grog if you have any autorisations problems