Murder, Death, Car

I introduce Murder, Death, Car.

I hope it achieves enough sentience to break free from it's cruel human master.

Here's the camera views:

Things to do:

1. There is still space for a robotic arm on the front of the car:

2. Tap into vehicle's electronics. Right now my modifications are parasitical, they just ride on top of the car.

3. AI enhancements

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GroG's picture

Great Project Raver !  

Great Project Raver !   Where's the AirSoft cannon go?

If it twas me, I'd hook into the nervous system directly from BBB---> Car MotorController and leave the RC ---> Car MotorController alone ..  theoretically that way you get both methods of control, albiet at the same time would generate unexpected results...

GroG's picture

Why two cameras?   Going to

Why two cameras?   Going to try stereo .. or 2 is more fun than 1 ?

kmcgerald's picture

more to see

I'm guessing one camera fixed to front view of where the car is going and one will be for what the arm/cannon will be looking at.  One for the driver and one for the gunner.  :)

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Nice Job . 10 out of 10

Nice Job . 10 out of 10

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