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I'm just getting started with MRL and am having some issues. First, I don't seem to have the same menus as some of the vidoes I've watched for MRL. I've tried to follow the Arduino/servo tutorial and found that I don't have the menu bar to select file then install all.  If I skip that, I can still create an arduino tab and confgire it.  I'm running into problems programming the arduino. I can connect to the adruino fine.  But it doesn't upload the MRLComm file.  I tried going through the Adruino app and uploading the MRLCOmm project to my Uno, but it shows error in the compiler and doesn't upload.  I've spent a couple days now watching videos and trying to get this work correctly and it seems I'm missing something. I just don't know what.  I can run the INMOOV virutal maching just fine.

Any direction would get great. I really want to learn and understand this amazing software and hope to be able to contribute someday.  Just need to get over a few of hurdles.


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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome drjohns2000,

The menus may be dependent on version of MRL.

Initially, MRL attempted to compile & upload the sketch, but trying manage all of the different types or boards, and versions of mrl it became intractable.

Because there are multiple versions of MRL out in the wild its helpful to tell us what version you are using. 
Sending a noWorky is even better :

In "most" versions the appropriate version of MrlComm.ino came bundled with MRL.  
In some versions - this was extracted to the resource directory 


Welcome aboard !

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Hello and Welcome drjohns2000,

Thank you so much for the response and welcome.  I removed everything and started fresh again and followed a different video to install and this time all is good.  I think I'm on track now and have a couple of servos and a neoring running through the arduino.  Let the learning begin.


Thank you again, GroG!