Could someone point me in the right direction to download the MRLComm that I need to install onto arduino.I've watched video after video and something is always missing. Do I install what one guy says which is a huge folder in myrobotlab under resource called MRLComm.ino in which case I get an error stating that wire.h is  not installed. Anyways I just need pointed the right way.There are so many things on here but most are way outdated. I'm using Myrobotlab version 1.0.1705 on a raspberry pi 3 if that helps. Thanks


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The Arduino IDE in the Raspbian distribution is very old. The way I do it is that I install the Arduino IDE on a PC and install MrlComm to the Arduino from there. Then I connect it to the PI3.


I'm running Ubuntu on my laptop and its doing the same thing.Where do I go for the correct version of mrlcomm? It doesnt show up in the arduino window anymore on myrobotlab since I upgraded to the latest build.I've found multiple mrlcomm files and I'm lost as to which one I need.I'm using the mrlcomm that is inclued in the myrobotlab file under resource->arduino->mrlcomm.ino. There are about 20 sketches in one, is this the right one or no? The error i get is In file included from MrlI2cBus.cpp:3:0 MrlI2cBus.h:8:18:  fatal error no such file or directory  #include<Wire.h>

I have noticed that if you doubleclick on the .ino file to start the IDE it doesn't work. You need to start the Arduino IDE and the open the MRLComm.ini file from there


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I took your advice and tried to upload the MRLComm from my desktop, well it worked kinda, now it says version 35 expected 37 when I connect it in the myrobotlab.