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Thanks a lot Markus !

Thanks a lot Markus ! yesterday , i was trying to understand how you found the voices you use ! And today you aswered my question before i ask ! Too strong Mr Markus !

This post must be move in the tutorial section !!

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ahaaa that clears something up.

Nice walkthrough.....

Thanks for clearing some confusions for me........ as whilst I have been experimenting with more than one voice, I could never predict which voice would talk.

If I follow your "String" ..... once an mp3 string  is aquired from the "intertubes" MRL will use this saved version always afterwards (ie it checks to see if one is in the MRL before extracting from web) ... did I understrand this correctly ?.

This means that you could extraxt a whole library of words  "OnTap" to use Offline.

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Things have changed a little since Markus made this video

You can find the voices for Acapela speech at the same location:

This scipt can be used as a start for changing voices ( and languages )

speech = Runtime.createAndStart("Speech","AcapelaSpeech")
speech.speakBlocking("Hello world")
speech.speakBlocking("My name is Sharon")
speech.speakBlocking("I speak English")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Hola Mundo")
speech.speakBlocking(u"mi nombre es Ines")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Hablo español")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Hej världen")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Jag heter Kal")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Jag pratar svenska och kommer från Göteborg")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Bonjour le monde")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Mon nom est Manon")
speech.speakBlocking(u"Je parle français")
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Excellent Markus !I have put

Excellent Markus !

I have put your video on the official Speech Service page !

Well done !

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Strings work too.....

mouth.speak( "Hydrogen Gas levels are   "+str(Hydrogen) )

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great job

This was very helpful. You did a great job of explaining how to change the voices. thanks!


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thank you markus for you help

thank you markus for you help with tuto 


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Very clear tuto Markus! It's

Very clear tuto Markus!

It's funny I knew how to change voices by using different names from the acapela, but I never figured it could also work in other languages by just swaping the name also.

I had a work around that was far more complex.

Thanks for this and see you in Paris!