MRL teaser video :D

Any suggestion to improve the video is really appreciated :D (By 28th August)

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AHAHAHAHAA !! You are a


You are a Steven Spielberg !!  Ahahaah :D

I like it - with InMoov its makes it impressive.

Just a few things :

  • MyRobotLab is Open Source Software for Robotics and Creative Machine Control
    (no "an" Open)
  • MyRobotLab is currently used in the "InMoov project" as the "brain" of the Humanoid Robot
  • I really like the way you took the description you made - "Jigsaw Puzzle", then said every piece is a service, then introduced the different services..   This is very clear.  With software you have to be very clear in the description - because you don't "see" the software.  This part is very strong.
  • Heh, I like you took the best parts out of Gael's video ;)  
  • The sound gets too loud on the OpenCV part - (really cranked up the volume here" :D
  • I thought I wouldn't like the sound-track but in a way it goes with it - kind of like cut-up sounds go with cut-up video ..  interesting mix 
  • Heh .. I like the last motto - MyRObotLab gives power to your projects :D
  • Things to possibly add:

Just some ideas - Great Job Already :DD

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Thanks for the tips GroG... i

Thanks for the tips GroG... i just replaced errors... Unfortunately i have no much time to implement other projects too :( 

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Cool teaser! it's a nice

Cool teaser! it's a nice montage good Alessandro!

The quality of the videos is bit degraded though, mine are already not always very good. ;) I know that exporting copied video can be sometimes tricky.

Hope to see on the big screen of the MakerFaire.