MRL Tab Colors

Does anyone know if it is possible to select colors for the tabs in MRL.  I would like to group limbs of the InMoov visually.  My eye sight isnt like it used to be ;)


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Hi theDVSguy,I'm curious if

Hi theDVSguy,

I'm curious if you have used the "search" function ?

This narrows down the possible buttons, so that it should be easy to select the right one.
For InMoov I found it always very difficult to select the correct button... there are so many.  The different colors helped a little bit, but not much.

The thing that helps me is the search field.


I'm not sure what version you are using, hopefully there is a search box at the top.  You can search for "thumb" and only 2 tabs will be left on a full inmoov.  Makes selection much easier in my case.

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Hello, Hi Grog, The latest


Hi Grog,

The latest 1.1.232 is not to recommand yet for InMoov  users, because there is still too many things that aren't working. Servo issues and controller issues in virtual and real.

I need to make more tests to report to you.

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not yet

Hi Grog,

I got to admit, I am a visual guy and find the UI a bit clunky form an organizational point of view.  As much as that function could work, doing a seacrh everytime to find a tab is a bit time consuming. It would make better sens to me, if even each limb / part was colored differently and grouped in a way to kepp them togther.  I think that would help usablity etc.  Just my 2 cents ;) 

Great work.

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The clunky SwingGui will be

The clunky SwingGui will be superceded by the new WebGui ... its not ready yet, but the interface can and probably will be very catered to usability with InMoov.

Thanks for your input. :)

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Sure, Yes, that would be

Yes, that would be great Gael .. I'm still working on distributed mrl and I don't want to leave that partially done before moving onto another topic.  But any issue with careful details of the problem certainly saves time !
Thanks ;)