MRL Sweep button

Hello, I am trying to utilize the Sweep setting in the Extra tab on each finger and noticed its very slow. 

Any way of increasing this ? It doesnt seem to respond to the velocity setup. Also can some one point me to the direction to explain the power settings further in the tab ?  thanks

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Hello theDVSguy, Since there

Hello theDVSguy,

Since there is a lot of activity on the new code, it makes a big difference on the details of what version your using.

Version is key in describing software challenges.

Without more information I "think" you can easily change your sweep speed in Python like this


and velocity like this


which disable velocity control and the servo should move at full speed

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thank u

Hello,  thanks sorry for not including the details. I am running on a Mac version myrobotlab.1.0.2693.10.

So can I set this in a defualt of some kind ?  Also I notice everytime I boot up MRL I have to assign COMs etc.

I changed config files but it still seems to ask.  Should settings stick once I apply them ? or is it a fresh start everytime I boot up.

thanks for your help ;)

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Hello, I think the fact you


I think the fact you need to assign the com ports evertime is because, it doesn't start with the

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Ok so I have to work from that script. Its weird I dont see any call in the script that references the comms