Here's the beginning basic diagram of a proposed "Robot Pool".  Initially it would be the Incubator which is the build machine all MRL builds come from running an instance of MRL with a special service and an XMPP service.  Robot Buddies who were interested in joining the pool would accept the Incubator as a buddy, and Incubator would accept the new robot as a buddy. site would have a couple specially designed pages which would talk only to the Incubator.  The Incubator is a custom service which could query and cache information which the Robot Developer would want posted online at regular intervals - such as status, version, uptime, sensor info, graphs, etc..  At some point this could be developed into the communal image processing area - where bots could share and process data collected from others.

I am currently working on 2 new services Incubator & Security.  Let me know if you would be interested in developing this with me.  WOOOHOO !

One of the nice parts of the design is, robots can come or leave the pool without problems.  To leave the pool the robot just needs to release the XMPP service.  Additionally, network security issues are minimized since there is only one http access (through the Incubator).  And really important is the ease.. since XMPP does not need any ports forwarded to work properly. Yay !