MRL No sound from script

MRL No sound from script. The files are created in the audioFile directory but are 3kb and do not play.

Any Ideas?


If I copy the URL from the JAVA log and paste it into IE, I get audio. It seems to me the audio files are corrupt. I have tried deleting the files and letting the script recreate them but get same result.

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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome rz90208,

Yes,  Google decided not to support its "unofficial" interface - so Speech is currently borked.
Fortunately - we found a great Open Source - replacement .. Yay - 
It's called MaryTTS - we are working to get it integrated with MRL now :)

Until then we may be a little mute ..

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Thank you for the update

Thank you for the update. Not sure what direction Google is heading, the dropping of the Google code and now this.

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@Grog have you seen this

@Grog have you seen this solution?

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Thanks bensonofjohns ! You

Thanks bensonofjohns !

You saved the GoogleSpeech service - we are in the process of refactoring so all script just need to use the "Speech" service ...

So far - for the back end we have now 3 possiblities - (previously GoogleSpeech was headed to the scrap pile)

When you use Speech - the it will proxy one of these 3:

  • (Default) MarySpeech - great Open Source project with very active development, multi-language, multi-voice support.  Does not sound as "smooth" as some of the commercial services - but allows far more potential as you can use the Source Luke !
  • AcapelaSpeech - a commercial online backend which offers demo for non commercial applications - Better sounding and more voices than Google
  • GoogleSpeech - recently broke there API - thanks to bensonofjohn might still be in service.