Hey guys, I'm back, the high schooler who made the InMoov this spring. 

I started on a little project combining MRL and the Leap Motion sensor not too long ago, but the catch this time is that I'm working on a Mac for the first time in my life since the PC I used to work on wasn't powerful enough to handle the Leap sensor. 

Does anyone know how to set up MRL (and maybe more specifically a Leap Sensor) on a Mac? I tried downloading the jar file but I guess those only work for Windows. 

Macs are actually the bane of my existence. Pc master race all the way. 

Thanks in advance!


8 years 2 months ago

One software to rule them all!

MRL works (mostly) on Macs, too (kmcgerald uses one).

1. When you try to start it, you click two times on it?

2. Have you tried to run it from the commandline?

(java -jar "myrobotlab.jar" (you have to be in the folder, where you placed the jar) )

(3. Do you have java installed? At least 1.7?)

(to verify: type in a terminal: java -version)

4. Do any folders/files appear?

5. Does a prelog.txt show up?

Alessandruino used a Leap on windows, MRL has a service for it, but I don't know if you need to install something else (I believe you have to).

Good luck,

Ma. Vo.


8 years 2 months ago

I'm on a Mac and I've run MRL on Mac OSX 10.7, 10.8, and 10.10.  I had problems with OpenCV on 10.7 but I've had it work on 10.8 and 10.10.  I've used the Kinect with 10.8 as well.  I don't have a leap sensor so I can't give any advice but I think Gael has gotten it to work on a Mac and someone else was asking about it the other day on the inmoov google group.

What version of OS X do you have?

You'll need to install java 1.7 or higher.  I usually just use Terminal to start MRL with the command "java -jar ./myrobotlab.jar" from inside the folder I have it in but I can also just double click on the jar file from inside Finder.


8 years 2 months ago

Hey JC , i've not experience with MACs at all...

But i got the leap to work with myrobotlab ! :)

Let me know when you are done with starting up mrl and i'll help you with the leap stuffs !

Now that I got MRL working, could you help me set up the Leap sensor? I thought there would be a leap service in the mrl runtime but I can't seem to find it...