MRL as IP Camera !


Update - tested multiple streams over multiple URI's - works - but I knew that OpenCV only publishes displays depending on what filter has focus. So the streams stop - only one stream is active at one time.  From a usability perspective it probably be better if they were all combinded, then you'd see the image switch depending on what OpenCV was showing..  I'll make this configurable - default is to have a single URI which all streams flow too.

Lots of options..  Might have fixed the memory issue... needs more testing..



Update - multiple clients work, but I can tell I have a memory issue - favicon is not get processed correctly either, nor are terminating connections.  But firefox works with the stream too ... Yay!


VideoStreaming service starts to work !    (Got Chrome working) Click !  (notice lightbulb above head).  Still needs some finishing work to make it easy squeezy.  It potentially has the ability to distribute different video feeds on different urls - or even mix the channels.  It's pretty snappy to one client - I could see some optimizations to do in the future regarding many clients.  But it works !

Got more testing and finishing to do ... so its not released yet... probably tonight (my time - on the western edge of the earth) :D

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I guess this is the beginning

I guess this is the beginning of the MRL web interface ;) amazing :D CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT