MRL install loop

There is a question asked by Luis R in the InMoov forum about how to get started. He follwowed the instructions from here:

At  6/ Click START_INMOOV.bat and wait a little

he gets a black screen.

So I tried to follow the instructions. I don't get the same problem as Luis, but when I execute the START_INMOOV.bat file, it starts to loop. The installation starts over and over again. Not sure why, but it could be related to tjhat the Agent now can restart MRL after an installatio

If the relaunch uses the same parameters as it initially did, then the installation will restart over and over again.


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windows 10 test here seemed worky..

I was able to download & install the latest of mrl .. launch the start_inmoov.bat .. 

it all seemed to work for me...

I did run

java -jar myrobotlab.jar -install

before launching START_INMOOV.bat ...

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That works. I was testing the procedure as it is documented.