Hi all ! Go back from holydays :) Actualy testing the "last" MRL to adapt my inmoov scripts

Before with the 1412 when I use this : java -jar myrobotlab.jar -X -Y ... , I saw the progress and error in the console

But now the agent set the console to background. And I must open manualy the logfile. How to bring the console from command line ? It was usefull to debug





6 years ago

Grog have work on so this so he can probably told you more on this, But since the last change, that seem to fix the problem with the zombie wich his a really great thing, but it seem that the log is not showing anymore in the terminal window.

But you can see the log in the webGui with the log service. Watch kwatters newest video tutorial


6 years ago

This is a little more detail.

In the past the "zombie" is not a zombie but the "Agent" - the agent was responsible for starting MRL.   Because there are quite a few parameters which are needed to start correctly.
For example -Djava.library.path=libraries/native  which are critical for native libraries.

In the past, you looked at the Agent's console and it streamed the std out of the "real" process to its console.

Now at the moment I have the Agent (not really a zombie) die ..  so no zombie but no console