MRL as backend to new Shoutbox

Progress - authentication is still needed - no silly "send" button, just hit enter..
Better text wrapping capabilities, no silly "name" .. also I see lots of potential for "system" calls
mebbe @mr.turing to send a message directly to the ProgramAB :)


It's starting to work !

So of course there will be a new Shoutbox service :)
And it will have the following Peer Services : 

  • Runtime (cuz everyone needs a runtime)
  • Security (to do authentication with Drupal - and maintain the user's session)
  • WebGUI is the websocket server (Yay!) - it was pleasantly easy to get a "chat" client working with the WebGUI - the messaging and publish/subscribe system was already in place.  The "work" was creating a few more methods to subscribe to.  Specifically onConnect & onDisconnect.
  • ??? - really now this shoutbox is capable of interfacing with any MRL Service .. now that it's Borg'd in.  I have thought about hooking it to Speech before which might be nice to hear versus see shouts.

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Yes, lets hook it up, but

Yes, lets hook it up, but only if wanted and not always! 

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so now that it's borged, in would we be able to subscribe to the shoubox via XMPP?

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Most definately

Most definately

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OH !

I forgot - We will add ProgramAB too it too !

For a smarter, quicker, more intelligent mr.turing

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I like yea. Nice Grog keep up

I like yea. Nice Grog keep up the goooood work

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All hail Elvish....

Thats looking very Sleek GroG.... +1 for each elf involved.   and +2 for the CRLF elf......

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Hey a new shoutbox!!since it

Hey a new shoutbox!!

since it was up and running this morning, I tried.

Little bug though:

-Every time someone connects or tries to post, it removes what I am currently writing in the shoutbox, making it impossible to converse.

-Posted links don't appear as links.

-Shoutbox overshoots the GUI, but that is not so bad.

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I just noticed that when you

I just noticed that when you are typing a Message in the shoutbox and a New Message Comes in, the Field where you are typing is erased (at least on my IPod) - a Bit annoying.
But it is VERY fast!
GOOD work, GroG!

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Fixed - typing dissapears

I believe I fixed typing disappears when new message arrives bug.

Also - hyperlinked the users like the old shoutbox