MRL and touchscreen interraction. API ?

HI ! before I start to code tell me if it's not useless  : custom touchscreen interraction with MRL ( simple webviews and local media players api )

Somewhere in the python script, on event  > PLAY fullscreen video / PLAY MP3 / Open picture / GRAB some WWW data / ...

Maybe I can interact between MRL and this External Custom GUI with some python html parser from htmllib ?
or i have more crappy if i can't do that because python doen"t like me ! : os.system ( cmd )

output :

htmlParse =

input ( ? ) :
PULL to MRL, from external_gui_program :


Or maybe there is already touchscreen interraction / media player ? So I can tell the robot : " please download some tv show and play it to the 7' inch screen. And please bring me a beer " ( problem if bear is understanded )

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Um, I don't know exactly what you want to do.  But if you've used the WebGUI it offers a web server and you can pretty much put any html gui you want..

One of the most simple would be links to the REST API,

this API exposes every method any service can do...