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[MRL >= 1649] Inmoov service won't launch

Hi ! The Inmoov service won't launch. Caused by a java exeption. Maybe : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/http/conn/ClientConnectionManager

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Hi Moz4r I have test 1649

Hi Moz4r

I have test 1649 yesterday and it was working for me...

Send a no worky, we probably be able to see what's happening


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Hi Moz4r, did you run it in a

Hi Moz4r,

did you run it in a new directory, and install all services ?

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Hi ! yes it was a new

Hi ! yes it was a new directory and all services installed.

I just reinstall and now it's OK ... Maybe a temporary broken link lib download

I continue :) thank you guys and sorry it was not a real problem

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if at first you don't succeed...

try try again..

It's on our to-do list to make the repo re-try a failed download..  (sometimes if you loose network connectivity, it could fail ., but a retry would get it installed properly.)