Motor Room,,,

This Mod was more about finding out how much room I had before Major Modding had to be made to the Design -,, There a pair of Geared Nema 17 Motor and only Just fit (or a Perfect fit)   – ,, 

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Ok,Ok,Ok,,, The Pic needs Rescaling

Erhh,, will now i know that Pics are not Auto Scaled or ThumbNail,,, Sorry Dudes


 ok,, got the picture system worked out,,, nice

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Stepper motors

Stepper motors may initially seem like a good choise, but unfortunately, they have very low torque/weight ratio. That why it has been suggested many times, but nobody is using it.

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Hello Mats,,,

Yep,,, the stepper mount where more about finding out how much room a had to work with,,  so as you can Nema 17 motor is max size I can use without making major mods to the main gear housing,,,, so 1.7inch or 42mmsq/Dia with a centre shaft electric motor is it,, – a offset Shaft geared motor should be able to go  a little bit bigger --  finding a non-servo drive system with enough torque and still compact enough might a bigger job then i thought –

I’m open to all and any ideas and suggests on different electric motor system for the drive system – but i don’t what to waste time smashing my head against a brick wall either,,,,  I’ve already got plenty of those projects,,,,,,,,