More progress for Fred


  So this is where Fred-X's belly is today. I am building a leg (left), so that I can measure the correct length for his new dolly. I have all the parts for the dolly, but I want fredto appear to be standing normally. The pipe on which his weight will be supported must bethe correct length, so once his leg is complete, I will remove his head and arms and covers etc and assemble the middle section and one leg  then measure the correct pipe length.

  The Dolly will be assembled to the largest size that can fit through my doors, and weighted to prevent him from tipping over if he extends his arms completely. ONe minor annoyance is that the pipe outside diameter is exactly the ame size as the Interior diameter of the support. I have contemplated a numbe of solutions for this. I will likely go with reducing the OD of the PVC pipe a wee bit, and if necessary adding screws to keep it properly aligned. Once Fred is partially reassembled and properly situated, I can complete the reassembly while of course continuing to print parts for his righ leg. Then one of these days I hope to learn how to get him to move like an InMoov robot.