more peeks at new gui




Started a GUIService and printed out a line of text with Python !

The cause 

Cause and effect (ugly but functional)  Now have a working connect,, and select board type - with pin buttons which can currently do digitalWrites...  Really, I've been very busy with other projects and I'm pleasantly surprised I've gotten as much as I have done.  It's enjoyable to work with, since the framework (the part which does the critical messaging back and forth from the browser to mrl & from mrl back to the browser) is working great.  The only real "work" is basically porting all of the GUI tabs to JQuery .. which is not all that bad at all.  I just got to keep focused on making things "worky" and not getting sidetracked with "pretty" ...   form follows function as kmc & Louis Sullivan say :)

The effect....

Multiple clocks fixed and now ... Arduino begins...


Created more Runtime functionality - help and created first service from the Runtime "clock2"

initial state

Runtime now has a dynamic list of all possible services - select new service

"familiar" modal dialog for name

New clock service successfully created - gui messaging still messed up between the clocks ... back to the drawing board...