More formulas sampled...

I found this here

And tried to represent it accurately in an  with the following code


            zw = -1 * (float)depth/1000;
            xw = 6 - 2 *(xv - 639/2)*Math.tan(57/2 * 0.0174533) * (zw/640);
            yw = 4.5 - 2 *(479 - yv - 479/2)*Math.tan(43/2 * 0.0174533) * (zw/480);

            points[yv][xv] = new Point3df((float)xw,(float)yw,(float)zw);

And what do I get ?

A widdle green dot ... DOH  !

So scaling is a problem ... I experimented with trying to scale it correctly but still things seemed out-of-whack

I also am curious about the functions for the kinect (although this seemed to be the most concrete example with intrinsic kinect values)

Seems silly to be subtracting a fractional constant .. perhaps what the author meant to say is

(Pixelx - 639)/2   and  479 - (Pixely - 479)/2

not really sure ..

Anyway - when all examples fail, and nothing seems to work - time to go back to very controlled experimentation.  Where did put my Greek cross..


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GrogYour unit value are in


Your unit value are in meters, your viewer probably use millimeters. so just multiply your value by 1000 to have it in millimeter.

the Pixelx - 639/2 and similar constant is to adjust so the origin (x = 0 and y = 0) are in the center point of the image and you get a mesure relative to the position of the kinect (negative value are to the left and below, or the reverse I dont remember)

and if you read the text carefully, the example state that the kinect is at position x=6m, y=4.5m, z=0) so remove the 6 and 4.5 from the equation if you want it relative to the kinect

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Hi Calamity .. yup .. there

Hi Calamity ..

yup .. there are so many places to adjust the relative scale .. both in the point cloud and in jme settings

I started looking through jmonkey setup - and I think a lot of it was set for the blender imports of inmoov (which makes sens) 

Now I'm looking to take out rootNode.scale(.5f) and all translation and see if I can start making steps in the right direction..


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abstract unit = 1  :) I have

abstract unit = 1  :)

I have to start simple ;) 
this is what we have so far ...

Jmonkey  :
  camera location is 0, 0, 12

I put a red wire cube 1 X 1 X 1 on the origin .. I can see the pointcloud upper right and some silly blue boxes (I should clean up my virtual room ;)

With that formula .. in theory without scaling modifications it "should" be close to fitting inside the red box (ish)..

Ok .. lets start moving it ...

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Left is Right ... Right is ?

Ok .. looks better(ish)

JMonkey has a different coordinate plane than the kinect .. not really a big surprise so, I think I'll adjust this on the point cloud loading side..  

This I think is jmonkeys documented coordinate plane ..

but this points to some more "clean-up" I should do ..

  • I think now FloatBuffer is a "pure" Java container which JMonkey can readily accept.
    JMonkey's convention is to have a "Mesh" accept a FloatBuffer of triplets  x, y, z.
  • I'm tooling around with a PointCloud class and I think a FloatBuffer would make sense as the "core" storage

more hacking required ...



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I did some cleanup - its

I did some cleanup - its still distorted alot around the "edges" - but towards the center it looks pretty ok

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