I followed the uick start tutorial and downloaded eclipse and the code and repo from Github. Which all went smoothly. I tried running the base runtime from Eclipse using F11 which worked.

Next I tried to modify the ProgramAB service to add a couple of public functions 

public String getPredicate(String session, String key){
Chat chat = sessions.get(session);
return chat.predicates.get(key);
public String putPredicate(String session, String key, String value){
Chat chat = sessions.get(session);
return chat.predicates.put(key,value);
My aim is to be able to access the predicates in a session via Python. When I run this by pressing F11 the main runtime starts with a tab for the Alice2 on it, if I try communicating with that session via Python
Python responds that Alice 2 doesn't exist.
If I start a new instance of the ProgramAB runtime, called AB and try
I get told that getPredicate doesn't exist.
I used to program a lot in C++, but haven't done much with it for the last 8 years. I last used Eclipse about the same time and it has grown to be a mighty beast in the meantime. I've never used Git before and it is a strange world compared to SVN. My Fu is weak and the black magic binding the parts of MyRobotLab is strong.


7 years ago

Ah bensonofjohn - it is a pleasure to see dragon C++Fu style

One thing you want to be sure of is - when you run Runtime in eclipse - you still have to "install the services". If you want thinks worky..
runtime -> system -> install all

I also was a C++ developer who used svn...

Also know - we are all on the develop branch (not master) ...

The fun stuff happens on the develop branch ;)

So with this criteria :
1. check out the latest on the develop branch
2. Run Runtime and install services (restart)
3. Hit F11 when ProgramAB is in the editor 

I have a worky Program AB 

When you do a (runtime -> system -> install all)  folders and widgets and config and whatnot is all clanged and banged together to try to provide something useful.

Good luck !

_bows low_