Microsoft voice


I make a plugin JAR file to use Microsoft voice with Jampal (ptts). 

And you can use this voice:

Is this interesting for you ?

If it is OK for MyRobotLab team, i give my java source.


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Sure we would be interested.

Sure we would be interested.  Do you have your source code in GitHub ?

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My GitHub account on MRL

My GitHub account on MRL doesn't work, i don't know why. You can see my directory dom14 but it is empty.

I speak we Steve, he put my code in his GitHub.


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Here is the request for the addition in myrobotlab

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Thanks dom14 & steveh110

Thanks dom14 & steveh110 :)

Well done.

A few notes :

We usually create a  static void main(String[] args) method for testing ..
I would imagine something like this for MicrosoftSpeech

I put the following in - its perhaps missing a key?

public static void main(String[] args) {
    try {
      MicrosoftSpeech mspeech = (MicrosoftSpeech) Runtime.start("msspeech", "MicrosoftSpeech");
      mspeech.speak("Bonjour, aujourd'hui, je parlerai d'un nouveau service");
      mspeech.speakBlocking("Maintenant j'utilise une nouvelle méthode");
    } catch (Exception e) {
      log.error("main threw", e);

This line is used to manage dependencies:

static public ServiceType getMetaData() {

    ServiceType meta = new ServiceType(MicrosoftSpeech.class.getCanonicalName());
    meta.addDescription("Speech synthesis based on Microsoft speech with Jampal.");
    meta.addDependency("Jampal for windows", "2.1.6");
    return meta;

The libraries are usually jars and we maintain the needed version in the repo project - 

But this looks like an exe ?

Or perhaps its this jar ?



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OK I understand.So you can

OK I understand.

So you can remove meta.addDependency("Jampal for windows", "2.1.6")because it is not a jar file.

Jampal (ptts.vbs) is an executable to read a text file with Microsoft speech. The voice is the default windows system voice. You can change voice in the windows parameters.

You can download jampal here: and install it in your windows system. You must add jampal path in yours variables environnements of windows.

For the main, no problem, you can put this. For my test, i make a jar file with eclipse and i put the jar file in libraire/jar of MyRobotLab directory.

After my declaration is: mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("Voice", "MicrosoftSpeech")

and it is work nicely.