In Memory of Professor Steiner - April 28 2014

A mentor, father-in-law, poet and friend...  Professor Jeffrey Steiner, we will miss you.

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i'm sorry :( who was him Greg

i'm sorry :( who was him Greg ? :(

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My wife's father.  He was a

My wife's father.  He was a professor at CCNY for many years.  A very good guy, and a friend of mine. In the end, he fought a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. Found this old picture of him in his element, he loved to teach.

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I felt sorry for your loss Grog... As a pharmacist, all these years I lost many good people because of cancer... pancreatic cancer is one of the vigorous ones... doesn't let the patient live few months more... lost my father due to lung cancer and my wife won her battle against  breast cancer... she is fine now... 


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Im also sorry for your loss

Im also sorry for your loss Grog, Hope you and your family are ok.

May i ask how old he was?

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Sorry for our loss of a good friend

I have several friends battleing cancer, some are winning and some are losing. I have three friends that were all told they would be dead 3 & 4 years ago, all are using medical marajuana and all three are still alive. I had other friends unwilling to try it, they are all now dead. My favorite Ante is almost gone, her husband was a Minister and her kids are very much againest MM so she has not tried it. It will be a very sad day when she passes. If I were dieing I would be willing to try just about anything I think. The two worst days of my life were the days my parents died, I feel for you wife and know what she is going through, she will be in my prayers.

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MM is better then all

MM is better then all chemical produced medicine, i have a morphine pump under my skin, and if it could i would trade it for MM everyday, but due to issues i cant just yet. But i truly hope they find a cure someday, and nobody has to go through that hell!

Colon cancer and liver cancer, pancreatic cancer runs in the family and it scares me a lot.

if we could use the military budget  of a year for medical research, i think it would make a big difference

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Thanks for the kind

Thanks for the kind words.

Prof Steiner was  70 years old, my mother was 52 when she passed away and my good friend's daughter was only 7 years old.  Yep, it sucks, 

Makes you learn to apprecaite the special moments and time you have.