The Meetup 2018

The Meetup in Paris in my Workshop!!  (21/06/2018)

We had so much things to talk about...

It was really great to have Greg, his family, his friends in our place for a memorable moment.

Anthony, Bruno, Régis also joined the party!

Anthony got some super beers for all of us, but we forgot to drink them, so busy we were talking.

Can you believe that !!!

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Forgot to drink the beers!?  Very cool, looks like great fun!  Looking forward to hear more about it.  Safe travels to GroG & family!

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Forgot to drink Beers!

It must have been a great catchup if you forgot to drink the beers.

Wish I could have been apart of it as well.

Sounds like it was a lot of fun.


Stay well everyone, and keep having fun.. :-)

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It was a pilgrimage to a holy

It was a pilgrimage to a holy place :)  The workshop !  With friends and family. Truly delighted to meet all of the wonderful people there.  It was amazing to see everyone in the flesh, people who I have been talking on the shoutbox for years and years.   

Very ....goodtimes... :D