Meeting MaVo at the Eindhoven MakerFaire Netherland

We had a great time meeting more Makers with very interesting projects.

Leon and Marten were also there for fun and great time discussing over what could be done in the near future on InMoov.

As a surprise, MaVo (the person who worked the service Gesture Creator but not least) came to see us, all the way from Germany!

Bright time and good energy!

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There they are ! Brilliant !

There they are !

Brilliant !  You guys looking Great ! ..   Looks like InMoov got a purple dance partner too.

What things in the near future ?  Nice Picts !

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This is my first post, My

This is my first post,
My name is Marten living in The Netherlands. (designer NervoBoards).
(Some people here at MyRobotLab I've seen in Paris this year)

It was a nice weekend in Eindhoven and nice to meet more people with the same interest.
I've spoken with Gael about some options for in the future.
Like the vinger sensors and other options to clean up the most cables to the arm and hand.

For the vinger sensors I've test a Hall-sensor which functions like a linear potentiometer.
Here a link to a video: (165 MB)
With a small magnet in the vingertip, it's easie to install this and the Hall sensor is small enough.
If this works nice and smooth, I will design a flexible PCB for in the hand.
I can include a Analog ic at the PCB and we only need a data comunication to the Arduino-Mega.
Mavo told me, that I2C isn't yet supported in MRL !
Are there other way's to comunicate with the Arduino's ?

A other thing, we have spoken about the servo's in the hand and arm.
If there is a option to use a single PPM output from the Arduino's, we can drop a lot of cables.
If the PPM is a option, we only need Power / GND and PPM-signal, so it's just three cables :-)
In the arm we can place a PPM-Decoder including the Power rails.




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It sounds good Marten,

It sounds good Marten, reducing the number of cables is definately worth looking at. It will make the elbow joint much neater.

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I hope there is a option to

I hope there is a option to use a I2C connection in the future.
So we can connect the Arduino Mega to a 10bit or higher Analog IC.

The I2C connection is placed at the NervoBoards.

If someone can tell me when I2C is a supported communication, it would be nice.


About the PPM option.

We can use a simple HCF4017B (Johnson decade-counter) as PPM decoder.
There are two options for the reset function, we can use a digital output or a RC-network.
If we use a RC-network, we only need three cables to the Arm and Vingers for all servo controls.
For this Decoder I receive this week some PCB's to test this.












Now my question, is there a option to sent all Vinger + Bicep Servo pulses to one single PPM signal ?