mecanum wheels setup explained

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moving inmoovs around on wheels

I can control the wheels on azul with voice commands like turn left, turn right, move forward, but the commands are slow to respond in MRL because of speech translation (I think). The stop voice command sometimes gets missed and causes crashes. If you watch the last video I put up, I am telling azul to stop several times.  I also use Bluetooth for communication and use the number pad on a remote system which is very fast and better for quick control of the wheels. I can program wheel commands into the gestures. I also can have it go forward looking at on the front and side sensors for stopping or it can follow the tape line on the floor using the I/R sensors under the base. We need more intelligent ways to have our inmoov’s move around rooms.  Wheel movements don’t take into account where the arms, hands or body are and they get broke.