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This post to list what we can do with the MaryTTS service in MRL.

I just discover it, there is a lot of interresting things

AudioEffets ( great tool to tweak the voice ) :

mouth.setAudioEffects() ->


Download voices

installSelectedLanguagesAndVoices() ->

Not tested , I don't know what is the syntaxe of the string


This post will be completed , if you have informations too it will be great !

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Download of voices isn't

Download of voices isn't possible within MRL currently ! (09.12.2016)

I'm looking into it right now, but don't rely that it's going to be finished fast.


The best place to experiment with voice (& effects) is MaryTTS's web interface ->

maryspeech.setAudioEffects(String effects)

The notation for voice effects:

Some voice effects examples thankfully provided by MaryTTS:
"Robot(amount=100)+Chorus(delay1=866, amp1=0.24, delay2=300, amp2=-0.40,)"
"FIRFilter(type=3,fc1=6000, fc2=10000) + Robot"
"Stadium(amount=40) + Robot(amount=87) + Whisper(amount=65)+FIRFilter(type=1,fc1=1540;)++"


Another maybe helpful link ->

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Hi Mavo ! Thanks for your

Hi Mavo ! Thanks for your informations

I will post here

and delete this post , it is better to consolidate informations about services

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well then let's do it on the

well then let's do it on the new & shiny service page ; )