While trying out MaryTTS I noticed a number of issues in the way abbreviations were pronounced. Dr Smith was pronounced Drive Smith and Mr Smith as M R Smith. After posting about this to the MaryTTS issue track I got a response to try building from master as there have been a lot of updates since the precompiled download was made.

I built it yesterday and the improvement is amazing. The sentence "Dr Smith lives on Wood Dr" is pronounced correctly, managing to work out the difference between the two meanings of Dr must have been a challenge for the developers.

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Wow, that is impressive - I

Wow, that is impressive - I assume your using the English language jar, what voice are you using ?  How does it "sound" ?

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Currently using Spike with

Currently using Spike with MRL, rather posh English sounding. The new build of MaryTTS was just using the default English voice, not played with it too much yet.

I'm wondering if I just drop the new jar's into MRL will they work or is that too simple? I haven't tried yet as I built them at work on a different architecture to my home laptop.

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Great suggestion that the

Great suggestion that the current sounds way better, seems like we should replace the files in repo then soon ...

You can try to drop the new jar's in MRL's libaries directory, but I don't know if they will work cause Mary bundled all their depencies with them. If there's on file "***-jar-with-depencies.jar" generated, I would try this one.

The archtitecture shouldn't make any difference since MaryTTS seems to be completly written in Java (no natives).

However I would want to finish Mary's multi-language support first before trying out it's new goodies.

Thanks for all your work in this topic,        MaVo

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I'll install MRL at work and

I'll install MRL at work and have a play when it's peacefully.