marySpeechUtil error


I get an error in eclipse for the file,
Invalid character constant    ->    /myrobotlab/src/org/myrobotlab/maryspeech/util    line 592   

If i've right , this line :

'\u00c6', 'Ä', // Æ
Must be replaced by this :
'\u00c6', 'Ã', // Æ

But i don't want to make a mistake so i didn't modified it

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big commit?

Hey Beetle,

  that file was added by MaVo.  It has utf-8 encoding problems.  It seems as though it was incorrectly copy& pasted from another source.  

  Bigger question is, I saw that you had a commit/merge that touched over 600,000 lines of code.  Could you please explain why you had to change every file ?  What are you merging in?  

  Can we back that change out, it's MASSIVE ... and the "latest build" is also completely broken at the moment...



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Oh !!! I've just commited

Oh !!! I've just commited to replace googleSpeech by MarySpeech !! I don't understand what append

I don't understand . Is it possible to do that by clic the upper or lower line of "push" in the eclipse context menu ?

I'm sorry

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His original commit was

His original commit was cffb6b5b6961c359313497bc276ad30cf2374009 ( -> )

Everything else is just a result from the merge.

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Merge of what? What branch

Merge of what?
What branch are you on Beetle? Did you recently change?

Whatever happened we can certainly fix it or figure it out. Don't worry about it Beetle fixing Sweety is a good thing.

Figuring out what happened would be great, because it's an opportunity to "really" learn about git and managing a big project.

Anyone, want to be a detective and give us the chilling, spellbinding story of what happened?

Am I a suspect? Perhaps I'm the murderer ...

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I'm always on develop branch

I'm always on develop branch end no, i didn't change .

I'm using also eclipse to update my local folder of pyrobotlab,and aiml , but i can see them only in git view, not in project explorer . Maybe, it's better that i reset all and pull , no ? I've made a copy of the last and i didn't updated wikidatafetcher since longtime so i think i've nothing to loose in my local folders :D

The Merge was made a same time than update ?

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[Well, I know what happened

[Well, I know what happened (concerning the merge), but I don't know if I'm able to explain it clear enough.]

@beetle: You didn't do anything wrong, everything is fine. The reason for this is in the nature of git.


Everything starts at commitA in GitHub.

Now beetle pulls (status: commitA) and starts working.

Someone else (e.g. GroG, kwatters, Calamity, Mats (or me)) makes commitB and pushes it,

now GitHub is at commitB (parent: commitA).

Beetle finishes his work and commits commitC (parent: commitA).

When he now tries to push, GitHub will reject it saying: Your parent commit can't be commitA, commitA already has a child on that branch.

Now we effectively have two branches:





To get back to one branch, you can now e.g. merge both branches back into one (that's what beetle did - 2x),

this will create a merge commit (commitD) and now he's able to push to GitHub.







To sum it up: He merged his version of branch develop into GitHub's version of branch develop.

(I would suggest a different git strategy for working with more people on a project - but this is a different story.)

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Thx MaVo . I'm not sure to

Thx MaVo . I'm not sure to understood all, but i'll read again slowly lol !

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Invalid character in and

You should not fix these. The issue is that your Eclipse configuration is not set to UTF-8. Eclipse in Windows defaults to Cp1252.

Window->Preferences->General->Workspace in Text file encoding select Other and UTF-8. The characters will be corrected when this is set.

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I agree with you. Although I

I agree with you.

Although I don't think we actually replaced the characters back then.

And even if, I'm quite sure this code was unused back then already (part of our hacked installer for maryspeech voices). Now it's definately unused, we switched to a differnt way of installing voices.

Might I ask what your background is? It's quite unusual for someone to come up, register and make a very expert-y comment on a post almost two years old. (In fact so old, that I forgot about the post&the comments I made on it.)