I sometimes run into problems when trying out stuff with the servo settings because the slider only updates values when it is attached.

In my case the shoulder servo had a previously set value of ? and was moving up freightingly fast towards my head. Detaching the servo stopped it. But then the slider is not "acitve" and moving the slider in detached mode has no impact on the servo target. This means that when setting the slider to 30 in detached mode and attaching the servo it will still move to its previous value (in my case maybe 90 or more).

Only when the servo is in attached mode the slider will be activated and the arm moved back to its rest position.


7 years 6 months ago

Are you suggesting that it should immediately send the UI's position value on attach?

e.g.  it should send 30 on attach ?


7 years 6 months ago

Yes, 30 would be much better.  I just reviewed the min/max values for Azul, as they change over time, especially the fingers. Before moving to the next servo, I made sure the setting for the servo I was on and about to exit was a value the next servo could tolerate. It is very scary to attach a servo and have it take off, while you try and get control with the slider. I have broken the bicep gear by being too slow, it only goes max to 90.