Manticore install


When we install Manticore, i have lot of http error 404 not found. Why ?

After install, everything works, but this message is strange. Before, in developp branch, i thought it was due to the cleaning of the files.

Thank you.


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What 404 error Dom - did you

What 404 error Dom - did you submit a noWorky?

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No no Grog. I don't send

No no Grog. I don't send noworky because everything work.

I just have any 404 error message during MRL install.


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Well, without knowing where

Well, without knowing where and what exactly the 404 error messages are or where they are coming from its difficult to answer.  I'm glad everything is working ok, but you want an answer to your question, you'll need to copy/paste an example, or send a noWorky

Without knowing the specifics, I can only guess...  it "might" be part of Ivy's download manager looking for licenses and/or md-5 checksums which we don't always have...