Makezine cover!

Well guys, here we are, InMoov does the cover of Makezine. I don't know yet what is the content but it will cover a whole range about InMoov clones and i expressively mentionned to the writters of the article, links pointing to MyRobotLab.

I never have seen this clone before...

It seems to me that Make got it made for the purpose, classy!!

We should ask them to make one for you Grog!

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GroG's picture

Wow !  Looks great !  YA GOOD

Wow !  Looks great !  YA GOOD IDEA :D

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InMoov front and center!

Great publicity for the project.  I had some conversations with people at Make, they were looking for an InMoov around San Fran for quite some time to photograph for the cover.  Looks like they found one...  

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Can we expect "Vogue" or "National Geographic"

Awesome, thats a great glossy print there ..... and the picture is good too :-)

Can we expect front page of "Vogue" or "National Geographic" next. (better comb my InMoov's head's hair)


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looks pretty good with photoshop haha

looks pretty good with photoshop haha

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Really looking nice :)

Really looking nice :)