Make it Worky !

Hello MRL'rs !  This is a request to anyone/everyone.   Let's start testing!  Let's get this release out!  Let's release the Manticore ! 

I've just commited a fix to Tracking .. there was a createPeer instead of startPeer

We should create new unit tests !  We should verify scripts are worky & checked in !  We should not do any new feature development (until after the release).  If you must, please do it on a seperate branch.

We want to make something stable and very Worky !

Let's Do It !

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Code Freeze!

Ok.. we should do a  "code freeze" on the develop branch.  ONLY bug fixes until manticore, please

If you want to do custom development.. make your own fork or branch.. create a pull request, we'll merge it after the manticore release.

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No problem, i can wait for

No problem, i can wait for OpenWheaterMap update.


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I fixed up InMoov's "main" so

I fixed up InMoov's "main" so that its worky with just F11 debug ... cuz we like 1 clicky worky - and we are going to be Testing !

Mostly went pretty well ..   I understand now why Juerg (and others) were having problems with the gui being blown out at the bottom - its because the gui's map tries to space things out evenly and with a gazillion services  ... eventually it goes too far down.  Perhaps the spacing should be set wider before a now row of icons, perhaps they should be smaller, perhaps there should be an algorithm of finding the screen size and accomidating if it it tries to overrun the screen

Starting virtual inmoov running from the debugger was not as successful.

My guess is its missing some InMoov parts .. guess I'll try deleting and re-installing the InMoov repo package..

Hopefully, I can get virtual inmoov running consistently, since I do not have an "real" inmoov I'm hoping to test scripts this way ... and I don't want to have to re-build the jar and run outside the debugger to verify workyness.

More to come !

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Grog, the error you are

Grog, the error you are seeing is because something is modifying the inMoov model outside of the jme app thread. 

jme don't like other thread playing with his stuff. To make change to the inMoov model from another service, you need to message the jme app so it update the model in the update method of jme app. 

When I initially create the vinMoov app, I use thread safe Queue container to signal change and use the update method to apply the change to the 3d model.

It have take me a lot of time to understand how to go around that error. 

Sorry I don't have much time to look at the code right now, just want to point out the sources of the error


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Let's kill bugs and test

Let's kill bugs and test !

About your vinmoov error there is this related :