Love Robo and MRL


For the past few months, Robo has been getting all my attention.  My wife and kids had to take a back seat while I made Robo strong, smart, and handsome.  I know he is not much of an Android yet, but MRL provides many features out of the box which are so neat!  For instance, the vision powers up, the wksr comes up with programAB, and then the servos power up.

I started by running robo in a 150 times loop and had him randomly say stuff.  Today, he took my commands and I am very thilled.  AIML was a b*tch.  Do yourself a favor and set up a dev environment like Eclipse for your AIML and one for your Python Robo scripts.  This gives you cut, paste, space alignment, etc.  Makes AIM and script development a breeze. If you code scripts in Python, I recmmend PyDev via Eclipse Marketplace.  There is a AIML validator on the web too, that points your AIML error ahead of time.  A real time saver for avoiding Sax Parse Exception runtime errors in MRL.

Put in sleep commands so that you can get time to talk, or MRL will be getting voice and servo commands built up in the queue.  Thanks Team, and thanks again to Gael.  My life has changed for the better due to meeting this Robo and support crew :-)



James D Nason

Surfer Jim

Robo Jim