Python service now has drop down menus (ugly but working)

Examples will give you a listing of Python examples checked into the repo.

Select one and it will be loaded into the editor.

Modify, rename it and you can save it in the .myrobotlab directory simply by chainging the title and hitting the save button.

Load a previously saved python script with the load button.

MRL now has the capability to allow safe customizations which will not get overriden.  WebGUI now has a customize button which will extract all the html, javascript, and style file into a root directory.

You can add, mod, or delete to your hearts content - and once the files have been extracted - if you hit the cutomize button again it should not overwrite any existing files...  just replace any which have been deleted.

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Al will be very happy.  And look my avatar made it to a screen shot.  :)

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Whoooo hooo :D

Now python has full power... :D yay :D