When trying to implement new gestures in my script it is a bit of a hassle to always shutdown mrl gui and mrl command window, then restart mrl, manually load your preferred script and execute it.

I feel like having done that too many times...

Tried to add execfile("myscript.py") into untitled.1.py as found in one of the tipps but this did not work for me, the file gets overwritten and is always empty.

Could a start parameter be added to mrl (or does it already exist?) to run the preferred script? A parameter to open mrl als full window would also be very welcome as the window is otherwise unusable (controls and log output are invisible after starting more than one part of the robot because the window stretches in unknown heights)

Regards, Juerg


7 years 3 months ago

Try with

Java -jar myrobotlab.jar -invoke python execFile myscript.py

Python script should be In the main mrl folder


7 years 3 months ago

When implementing new gestures in your script, you don't need to shut down mrl to test them, you can open a new python tab, copy paste in it the new gesture and execute to test them.  You can modify the gesture again, and execute as many times you want.

At last copy paste your final gesture in your main script and save.

Hope this help

thanks, will try both methods

Just come back from a demo of Inmoov for my working collegues. Besides a lot of questions of girls "what is it good for" many boys enjoyed it.

Unfortunately the transport ruinded my shoulder cables and burned a servo before I noticed :-( Also some broken fingers and lower arm parts :-(

My heap of burned servos (MG996 and HS 805) is growing and I also encounter quite a few breaking parts. Found a new Material PLA-HT by multec which is very easy to print (printbed only 50 degrees) and really tough (better than ABS). Unfortunately only white is available at the moment. Will start to reprint my lower arms in the next weeks and hope to get them more reliable.

Struggled also a bit with the head parts. It would be nice to add to the part SideHearV2 better connecting supports with TopMouthV2 and LowbackV2. I have tried to drill holes into the narrow connector and stuck in a peace of ear cleaner tube to fix it in place. To SideHearV2 I have screwed on a little flap to keep it in place against TopMouthV2.

... and finally - it it very hard to fit the eye mechanism into the head and the rather narrow connector for the eye mechanism is tending to end up in a bit sideways position - making InMoov to squint.

But enough of the complaints - I enjoy spending time with InMoov and am very greatful of your work and help.




7 years 3 months ago

Hi Ale

got this message when trying to do that

 [runtime /](:1403 [main] INFO  class org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime  - attempting to invoke : python.execFile(marvin.py )

1408 [runtime_outbox_0] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.net.CommunicationManager  - could not find service python to process execFile from sender runtime - tearing down route

Uhhhhh, Ale, great master

this works now perfectly and makes me smile :-)

thanks, Juerg