listened to Ray and added weight

the ankle rotation needs to be redesigned as they are very unstable with added weight

am using 805 servo motor for ankle rotation which has trouble holding the position

I like using dc motors with encoders controlled by the roboclaw module which are much better

you can set speed, acceration and location (position) in rpms  (have 6 on 2 legs)

I need to smooth out the code, I have a lot of wasted movements in the walk

I am running the dc motors at 1500 rpm, think they can go to 2400 rpm

when will mrl have walking routines?

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The video looks good.

Hello Harland,

I don't think its wobbling as mach as in the last video, which is a good thing.

Your robot looks to be walking in a static motion.
That is it is maintaining balance at all times.
For a smooth walking gait, we need dynamic motion.
In dynamic balance, there is no stop in the motion, with motors starting their smooth acceleration while others are stopping.
This is a lot harder to archive but does result in better stability and faster walking.

You want to consider using PID loops linked to your accelerometers to help with the dynamic balance.
Have a look at the James Bruton series on the GNK Droid bipedal droid.
While his droid is not in the same category as yours, he does use some techniques that are useful to know.

The Bartcam team are still a little behind where you currently are, but you can be sure we will release and code as we progress, We still aren't standing yet. which makes your progress outstanding :-)